I’m a lot of things. Mother, wife, sister, friend, opera singer, teacher and more recently, headband designer! And just like us women, my headwear can be many things all at once! Re-growth-hider, date-night-spicegiver or jogging-partner, but on a more serious note: the Jakop also helps women who are dealing with hair loss due to cancer treatment, alopecia and other medical conditions, feel stylish and comfortable. There is a deep satisfaction that comes with knowing my little headband business is making life easier, even if only in a small way, for people going through difficult times. Your Jakop is more than just a headband: it's a crown.

If you decide to stock some JA-koppe in your JA-shoppe, you will be supporting a small, proudly South-African store that creates original hand-crafted headwear from hand-picked fabrics. From my heart to your head.